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:Taitokerau-Sovereign Charter & Whenua[Embassy]
~Northland[New Zealand] Aotearoha.



Suv'eran Notary Services

Notarizing and witnessing of documents for Live Life Claims and Agreements, Statements, and Authorities.

$75NZD Koha/donation per transaction.
Additional for time and travel if required to be on-site. Our notary lives in the Wellington region.



Your BIRTH CERTIFICATE, under Maritime Law, creates you as a fictitious corporate entity. The 'real' person was purposefully 'lost at sea'. The Live Life Claims certifies that you are a living and breathing person and are no longer lost at sea and are no longer a subject of Maritime Law.

We are part of the :Purple-Thumb-Community collective of Sovereign Postmasters Earthwide that have port and postal authority to create, witness, distribute Live-life-claims, Domicile-claims and Sea-pass for "those seeking to return to their land in their sovereign authority without trespass"; 

We are living with the Private [e]xclusive jurisdiction of [e]quity on the earth as a peaceful, non-combatant, non-belligerent, non-statutory, community. [A]ll-rights and privilege's [re]served, walking on the Water/Sea of commerce privately as a Live life Sovereign-crown-suv'eran-postmaster;

We are not here to trespass on your authority or control your sovereign walk. We are here to administer your Live life claim and ensure your safe return to your lands to self-determination.

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