Transparency Foundation was started by two long-time researchers who, because of their extensive background and connection to the medical and scientific community, started to question the official COVID-19 narrative being pushed by the New Zealand Government and Media.

Simply put, the narrative was not being backed up by valid science, and the public was being forced to accept the hysteria even though scientific research was saying quite the opposite.

Transparency Foundation is a facilitator of natural justice and sovereignty.

Our projects included bringing to light the truth about the illegalities of the COVID narratives.

  • PCR Testing (not fit for purpose)
  • Legal Remedies for Business Closures based on false information
  • Legal Remedies, including treason, for those involved in facilitating damage by using the COVID narrative 

Affiliated Organisations

  • The Doctors Collective – UK
  • The World Freedom Alliance – EU
  • Swiss Policy Research – Switzerland
  • Dr Vladimir Zalenko – USA